The Six Step Method

   Hey Bestie….My name is Mel and I’m your 53-year-old chubby, Italian best friend from North Carolina, originally a Yooper from Upper Michigan! After years of yo-yo dieting, January 25th, 2023, I came up with a six step program. Called A Chubby Girl Lifestyle: Six Sustainable Steps. By applying these steps, that any woman of any age can do, to not only feel better, but regain a healthy relationship with food.

  After 1 year I am proud to say, I am down 78 lbs and 104 inches. As the founder of the Chubby Girl Challenge and Lifestyle! We are not just another weight loss group, We are a movement! After 1000's of women came together this last year and applied these steps and successfully shrunk and kept it off. We have women like myself who are doing it naturally, but if you are using medication as a tool, I will teach you how to eat in a healthy way to maximize your loss and to obtain sustainability, if you decide to stop! I am proud to launch the tools you need for success. Come and join us at: for a free community of like minded women to support you through your journey!

Love- Mel

Let me help you live your best life, and together, let’s help others!